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Aerial Videography and Photography


When looking to get aerial shots of your home, business or special event it can get very expensive renting a plane or helicopter. However at Shughes Entertainment, we offer a new approach to get these amazing shots. We are able to capture amazing details from a birds eye view. 

We Provide an amazing new perspective to add to your wedding video, and truly give you something different then what you are currently getting.

We provide many different options and angles of the perfect shot to show off your home. Whether it be for hanging in your home as the perfect picture to put on the wall, or the detailed shot that allows you to better represent your home on the market. Shughes Entertainment can truly capture the pure essence of your home!

2014 Paul Miller Car Show 

Parsippany, NJ

We can showcase just how much your town or recreation department offers, and give an amazing aerial view full of detail for all your residents to see.

Farm / Golf Course / Open Space

Have a farm, golf course or an open space that you want a photo or video of from a bird's eye view. We can offer the perfect shot to display at your farm or golf course. Or put on your website to attract more clients. Virtual tours are a breeze for us.

Veniero Trucking Company

Supercross Setup 

Met Life Stadium

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